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Escorts blog: Which country has the best lovers?

According to a survey reported by the British newspaper, the Telegraph, German men are the worst lovers. Now I want to apologise to all the German men that happen to be reading this, because during my time as an escort in Rotterdam I’ve met many Germans who have been wonderful lovers. Needless to say, I wasn’t consulted for this survey.

15,000 women from 20 countries responded to the survey which was the brainchild of They were asked to rate men according to their ability between the sheets, giving a reason for their rating. The results put German men firmly at the top of the ‘worst lover’ list for being ‘too smelly’. All in all European men didn’t fare too well; the English came a close second for being ‘too lazy’ and in third place were the Swedes who apparently ‘finish too quickly’. In comparison the hot blooded Latin countries were top of the ‘best lover’ list, with Spanish men in pole position, followed by Brazil, Italy and of course the romantic Frenchmen were rated highly too.

For all you Dutch men reading this and wondering how you fared – the Dutch were considered to be too rough, although I’m not sure whether Rotterdam escorts would back this up. Our American friends were number five on the worst lovers list as they were deemed to be too dominating. Greek men were considered ‘soppy’, Scottish men were too loud while the Turkish were judged to be too sweaty and Russian men too hairy!

Our Antipodean friends made it in the top ten of best lovers. I can personally vouch for this having met with several delicious men from Australia and New Zealand. Irish men also made it into this top ten too, so the next time we get a group of Irish guys on a stag night to Rotterdam, maybe I’ll volunteer to test them out.

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